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Moving soon

In case you don't have me on facebook where I am WAY more active then here on LJ.. I am moving back to Texas/Oklahoma next month. Sooner if I get a job transfer.

Just an FYI that I will only be in Seattle for another month at most.
This comes from my friend Michael. He posted this on his facebook.

"Just came home from Fry's where a lovely mid 20 something woman caused a scene. A guy picked up a item her son dropped, she went to cust svc where the rep is obviously gay, she advised him to destroy the infected item and have the "faggot" expelled from the store or she will get an attorney. Cust Svc rep walked away tears and she called him a pussy. I told her to go home and try to make kids with her brother. Well I also called her a name not appropriate for Facebook, but I will say it rhymes with Punt."

It just amazes me that there are seriously people out there with this much hate. Through all the crap I've been through in my life I still try to love like I've never lost love before. Too many bitter people in this world.

*sad face*

Need opinions

So I'm working on a book and have been mulling over the details and events in my head for about a year. I'm finally getting to a point I can start writing and have hit a road block.

I can't decide on first person or third person view.

I like both though I had planned to do this book in first person. But as the story has progressed in my head I'm wondering if that is a good idea. For one, it is more challenging because things that happen behind the scenes have to be worked in somehow and my other concern is that if I decide to make it a series, the first person will change with each book. Now that isn't entirely a big deal per say.

I guess I would just like to hear opinions from people. When reading a book do you prefer first person or third person. Or does it really matter to you?

Mar. 17th, 2010

Before I go drag my exhausted but to bed I wanted to share this gem I found.

I know I post a lot of videos but it's what I like to share.

In other news.. the job STILL rocks \m/(>.<)\m/


Things you can't do when you're not a dog

Random Video of the Week

Google needs a death star!


I guess I should post something here about everything that is going on.

* The new job R-O-C-K-S. Dream job FTW!
* Someone very very important to my heart passed on recently. I'm not really up for talking about it with anyone who didn't know him so.. yeah.
* I have GOT to start packing the apartment soon. We are moving in just a few months and I have too much shit. My plan is to donate half or more of our stuff to goodwill. If we don't use it regularly, then we don't need it.
* I also need to start looking for a new place. Looks like we are staying here in Washington :D. Much to the dismay of my mother and D.
* I'm thinking about just taking my web site down. I don't have time for it anymore. I haven't updated it in forever and the person who is hosting it is also paying for it and has been for years. He is made of win which is why I feel I should stop burdening him with my inability to deal with it.

That is all.

Random Video of the Week

Flash Mob with Lightsabers!

Kiddo Plays Piano

This is my daughter playing piano.

Bonus Video

I know I already posted a video of the week but here is a bonus video!

I dare you to watch this hair commercial from Japan without laughing.