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Wedding Plans

I know I said I would update here more but I just use LJ to read communities and never have time to do much else. Between my youtube gaming channel, my regular gym trips to lose weight and time with Dennis there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. And now there is the wedding plans.

We are getting married on April 1st :). We are keeping it simple and just doing a Justice of the Peace wedding but we have invited friends and family to join us. Since it is during the week at 1:30pm we don't expect a large outcome but I already have confirmation from my sister, her two daughters, my brother and my mom that they can make it. I've created a wedding registry at BB&B and Target but I don't expect anyone to buy us anything. Nobody I know has money to toss away lol. We are putting most of our money into the honeymoon which we will spend 2 days at a spa hotel. I also want to plan a dinner gathering with everyone that weekend for those who couldn't make the wedding because of it being a week day.

I'm excited for this year. There is the wedding but there is also paying off all our debts this year (minus the car which we have 2 years on) so we should be able to save up a few months of emergency money and get ready to move into our own place (we currently are renting a room in a friends house). Scarborough fair is coming up soon which I'm excited to go to. I haven't been since my daughter and I spent every weekend there when she was 5 or so. I even bought a parasol to use at the fair so I don't burn like I used to.


I also want to try and get more trips up to OKC on the weekends to spend with friends and family there.

That's all for now. I'm at work and shouldn't be posting here but having a hard time with being sick at staying focused.

What is love exactly?

I always thought it was a feeling. An overwhelming consuming emotion that invades the soul. If I didn't melt from the very thought of him, it wasn't love.

But with maturity and age comes the realization that this is obsession and not love. This is an unhealthy dependancy on another human being to feel emotionally complete. This is addiction to extreme mental emotions with the false sense of love.

Love is not just an emotion though that is a part of it.

Love is acceptance
Love is appreciation
Love is comfort
Love is cooperation
Love is truly unconditional

Love is a much softer emotion than I thought it was. Dennis has shown me true love :) <3

Christmas party

As promised, a photo of me from the x-mas party. I hate that the holidays has made me gain some of my weight back. I would have like to have been thinner for this photo. Hopefully next year it will be a big difference. Even in this photo I am down 20 pounds from where I was a year ago.



I almost forgot! I had shown you all my metal skull mask that I had bought but hadn't shown you how it looked on halloween. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.


So much

I haven't had a lot of time to update my journal lately. Between work, youtube, new WoW expansion, holidays, etc it has been too busy. Lost a good friend who passed away way too young in her sleep recently. Her husbad and 16 year old son were hit super hard so that was my focus for a few weeks. Everyone is just trying to be there for them and provide support, love and friendship. Her son does a lot of guest starring on my youtube videos so I spend a lot of time with him.

We are changing offices at work from a tiny little office with no reception area or kitchen to a huge office where I will sit in reception by myself rather than share a space with the web developer. Exciting changes happening but it has kept me busy.

The work x-mas party is this friday at 6pm. I am the only female in the office so there is a lack of understanding of a female having to get ready for a work x-mas party lol. All these guys can wear their suits to work and be ok. I have to get ready in the bathroom because spending the day in a formal dress and sparkly heels doesn't really work all that well and they scheduled the party for an hour after we close the office. Especially when we are doing a big move so I have to dress casual tomorrow to move stuff. I'll try and post a picture of myself all dressed up for the party if I can :). I'm just excited I found a great dress but need to go buy some sparkly shoes and pantyhose after work today.

I hope you are all having a fantastic holiday season.

Boring update

Nothing really exciting going on. Just been working on my youtube channel per usual. Ended 2 game series and starting a new one today to replace them with. Working and going to the gym. Lost another pound.

That is about it. I'm hoping to get some time this weekend to test out some ideas for halloween. We are going to a halloween/birthday party next weekend and I want to do something original. Just not sure what yet.


Friday - Work gave me a fitbit as a thank you for all my hard work!

I've been doing a lot of weight lose and my boss is really into fitness. I had been talking about wanting one for the last year and so he got me one. It is wonderful to feel appreciated at my job! Here is my weight lose progress so far.

Got home from work and spent most of the night doing recordings for my youtube channel. I also did some knitting and watched tv. It was nice and relaxiing.

Saturday - Woke up early and played some games. Then I woke up Dennis and we went out for some exercise. First stopped at subway for lunch and then took the car home and walked to go exploring some of the trails through the neighborhood. It was nice for many reasons. It was nice to get some exercise and nice to spend some time with him just walking and talking about whatever came to our mind.


During the walk we found a park with a swing set. I hadn't been on a swing in probably 10+ years so I jumped on. I was surprised when he joined me though he didn't for long. He doesn't like stomach falling sensations. But I do so he sat in front of me on a curb and we talked while I swing causing my fitbit to go kind of crazy lol.

Then back home we went where we played some Diablo 3 together before waking up the roomies and we all went out to Olive Garden for dinner. After that it was off to other friends for gaming night.

I had woke up so early that I was exhausted so I passed out during game which is when this photo was taken lol.

Sunday - Did laundry, spent more time playing Diablo 3 with Dennis and then got on with 3 other friends and did a 2 hour recording of us playing Diablo 3. I now have to find a way to edit that 2 hours down to the top candid moments in 20 minutes lol.

And now at work so I should go but there is my weekend in a nutshell.


I've been building my credit over the last year. It was pretty tarnished from all the years of medical debt from my daughters IBS. Over time that has slowly rolled off and I bought and paid for a car. My bank finally gave me a card and I'm now building my credit the way my mom did after her bankruptcy.

I use the card only for gas in the car. As I spend it, I move the funds to savings. The card has 0% interest when balance is paid in full and I get 5% cash back on gas. So I'm basically being paid by the bank 5% cash back to build my credit. Not a bad deal at all :D

I love #2

This is the other one I got. Totally in love with it!


It feels like it sits kind of low on my face. I'm not sure if it looks right on me.


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